Skills and expertise

Through many years of working with organizations all over the world, has earned the knowledge to develop any kind of system. Our Skills and expertise allow us to offer the best web based solutions for any company, no matter where it is located or which its core bussines is. Our clients already know that they can trust us; quality speaks by itself, and that is what made us the best.

Please have a look at the following areas:

Google Maps Applications

By interacting with Google Maps and Google Earth, you can show your users the point or location of your choice anywhere in the world. It can be integrated to any website in an easy manner. This application is useful for anyone who wants to show some geographical allocations in his website. Whether it be members, offices, branches or even clients, the customer can show their exact location on a Map. If the client wants to add a location, he/she just has to fill a form and mark a point in a map by clicking on it. If any external visitors see the map, they should know more about the organization and its activities or the knowledge that there are business opportunities that he/she can reach through the organization.


Office Tools

Ever since business began adopting computers and electronic systems in their offices, the idea of a paperless office, where all information is stored and generated digitally with no need for hard copies, has been the goal of idealists and environmentalists. develops several office tools to help to reach this goal. Web based applications automatically generate Word, Excel, PDF or other documents.


Online stores

These systems; designed especially for companies that want to expand their market reach, allow the end user customer to purchase products through an online shopping cart. Anyone that wants to sell its products through Internet can gain advantage of this system. Thus far, the system has been implemented for a wide range of clients, from those who sell clothes to those who sell replicas or other luxury goods. The system can be integrated to any website in an easy manner and it allows the client to maintain current product offerings, through completion of forms from the Content Management System.


Workflow Management Systems has plenty experience in developing web based workflow management systems. These systems manage and define a series of tasks within an organization to produce a final outcome or outcomes. Due its nature, any company can benefit from these systems, but companies with complex processes are the ones that will benefit the most. Workflow Management Systems allow the client to define different workflows for different types of jobs or processes. At each stage in the workflow, one individual or group is responsible for a specific task. Once the task is complete, the workflow software ensures that the individuals responsible for the next task are notified and receive the data they need to execute their stage of the process. A workflow management system reflects the dependencies required for the completion of each task. This way, the processes are monitored and the client has exact information in real time.