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Web Mapping System for the Bolivian river basins developed a Web Mapping System for the Ministry of Water Resources, showing the exact locations of the existing river basins in Bolivia, overlaying with various other maps. The Web-Gis applications offers the following tools and functions:

  • Upload user-made maps from different formats (SHP, PostGIS, Oracle, SQL Server)
  • Edit labels of uploaded maps
  • Show/Hide different map-layers with legends
  • One-click retrieval of information from all affected layers on any point of the map in balloon
  • Link to Extended information in pop-up window
  • Measure distances, perimeters and areas
  • Retrieve coordinates or goto specified coordinates
  • Zoom in/out or pan map
  • Print visible area of the map or export to JPG, PNG or PDF
  • Export visible area of the map to KMZ or SHP
  • Choose the background image from different providers (Google Streets/Satellite, Bing Road/Arial, OpenStreetMap, etc.)
  • Draw points, lines and polygons on the map and save them for later use
The applications uses the open source GEOSERVER, based upon a PostGIS database and openlayers on the client side.


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