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Forest Management Information System – ARBOLIVIA

This system was developed for SICIREC Bolivia Ltda. This company is dedicated to reforestation, to achieve this task they contract peasants in place to conduct the activities of cultivation and maintenance.

The system developed for ARBOLIVIA allows it to keep a complete registration of the process and the resources since the time of lifting information until the time to pay the workers for the sowed ground.

This system has the following functional areas:


On this field you can find general information about the ground such as: owner, number, community and code. Information can be lifted and organized in a more detailed way trough the filling of forms. The information found in this part of the system is as follows:

Information on the owner and ground: Altitude, number, owner, general data, location, data from owner and relatives.

General data of the ground: name of the responsible, property name, coordinates (the ground, housing and income to the field), housing type, area, altitude, ground surface, information from the nearest town, infrastructure and equipment, pests and risks.

Units of land use: where can record the rate of current use given to the ground and its various details.

Sector: where you place your coordinates, the type of planting, and details on how the plantation, species and quantity of trees planted.

The information above is an input for the remaining fields.

Establishment/ maintenance

This field contains some of the information obtained in the previous field by adding the status in which the ground is located, that is if the process of cultivation has been started or not. At this stage, the heads of the project receive suggestions and requests of materials for planting, once they are approved these orders resources and materials are allocated.

Delivery of plant material: in the case of seedlings a record is made, and it has the following information: lot number of the seeds, species, origin, type of plant material, quantity, unit and date of delivery. Likewise, it becomes a record it makes a record of the quantity and condition of the delivered material.

Establishment of planting: it records data of: unit of soil, type of system, surface, plantation data and species. Some of this data must be filled in the form, the others are already in the first field.

Monitoring and evaluation: In this field are those responsible, the date of verification, the height of the species, recommendations and the compliance or not of the person responsible.


This field is used to track payments to workers. The information that is available in this area is related to those responsible for the payments and amounts to be paid.


These tables summarize the information gathered about the registration, maintenance and payments. These tables are used to access in an orderly fashion to the information and edit if necessary.


This field can generate two types of reports: the reports issued by default and those customized by the user. The system uses the query language (SQL) so that data can be exported directly into Excel or HTML tables from the user’s system.


This allows the system to assign roles to the users of the system. Depending on the role assigned to a user, he will be able to perform certain actions or be restricted to use others.