Google Maps Applications

By interacting with Google Maps and Google Earth, you can show your users the point or location of your choice anywhere in the world. It can be integrated to any website in an easy manner.

This application is useful for anyone who wants to show some geographical allocations in his website. Whether it be members, offices, branches or even clients, the customer can show their exact location on a Map. If the client wants to add a location, he/she just has to fill a form and mark a point in a map by clicking on it. If any external visitors see the map, they should know more about the organization and its activities or the knowledge that there are business opportunities that he/she can reach through the organization.

When integrated to a system, this tool has proven to be the best way of keep tracking of an organization’s partners. What’s more, it helps the communication process between the involved and eases the support activities. In this scenario the main value provided to the customer is the advantage they gain through the support potential of the tool.

Developed by the system is not as complex as it seems to be.

To implement this tool into a web system first is necessary to register the domain name through a Gmail account, for example:, google provides a key or access code in order to use Google Maps on your system. With this qualification we can specify with you the information requirements to be shown across the map, looking at the types of users and security levels for each of them.

Georeferenced points can be exported from any GIS tool to KML format (standard geospatial data formats) and this information can be stored in a database that interacts with Google Maps for the deployment of points or geographic areas, we prefer to use MySQL that is free distribution.

As with all systems developed by the company, this system has all the quality standards required for proper operation.

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