Excellent communication


Calling is often the most effective method of communication. If you need a quick fix or have a complicated suggestion, we advise to talk directly to us on the phone*. We provide a phone number to our clients to ensure fluent communication and peace of mind. We also make phone calls trough Skype, this way we can save time and money.

*(+591-2)2415690 - Fax.(+591-2)2422542 from 9:00 to 18:30 (-4:00 GMT)


For day to day communication we encourage the use of e-mails as it allows conversations, instructions and feedback to be tracked and referenced for future use. Write us at info@enbolivia.com

Instant messaging

Msn, Yahoo, Google Talk, Skype- instant messaging tools* are the perfect companion to Email communication. For the occasional clarification, or a quick message, instant messaging comes in handy to talk directly to us as they are practical and cheap. We do advise our clients to keep instant messaging to a minimum as it can be distracting and disrupt work. A basic rule is that if the information isn't time critical (i.e. it can wait for 30 minutes or more), the best option is to send an e-mail.

Contact us trough ourĀ  Skype Account:

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